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Developed by Brazilian university students for a 24 hour Game Jam with Free Marketplace Assets using Unreal Engine 4.

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Tema / Theme:
Exploração / Exploration

Gênero / Genre:
Terror, Suspense, 3D, Photorealista / Horror, Thriller, Photorealistic

Desenvolvedores  / Developers:
Gabriel Olivato
Gabriel Nardy

Música e Voz / Music and Voice:

Dekogon Studios

Requisitos / Requirements:
Win 10 - 64 bits
Uma boa placa de vídeo / A good video card

Fan Made Gameplay Videos:


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EstacaoLiberdade.zip 407 MB

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10/10 game, so well made, absolutely terrifying with some of the best atmosphere I've ever experienced.


Is spookers.

The game looks amazing, I love the graphics. There aren't any hints to point you in the right direction to go on, however. But it's still a game worth trying.


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um jogo indie brasileiro, vou baixar pra conferir 


It was okay, however alot of the sound assets look like they have been taken from PT which i'm pretty sure is not free. However, as long as these are used in the right way to hone your game design knowledge them I am okay with this. 

Graphics are gorgeous & well made & they look almost photorealistic. What is the plan for the full game?


Thanks for the addition of English to the game, the atmosphere is overly creepy and unsettling, and that jumpscare took me by surprise.


Hello there creator. I played your game and i placed it on my channel.

That ending though... My god... That was pretty scary and my voice was almost done with talking after my scare. Anyway here is my gameplay of your game. ENJOY!!


I love this game! Keep up the great work :)

Hello! I'd love to offer my services to your team if possible, I can't find a way to contact you however I'm a pro voice actor and writer for over 20+ video games including survival horror games 'PROJECT NIGHTMARES' and 'Today is my Birthday' and more. https://www.igdb.com/pro/96 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDVT8emSZq4hUkQtsw93S5UpeDBz3plpE

I'd love to work with your team if possible; email me at bbwatts8792@gmail.com or contact me directly. :) 

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Played your game in an indie romp. Hope you enjoy it!

Your game start at 10:45


Really well made game. Visually it was stunning and the ending got me good. Feel free to check out my video on it 


Loved the graphics in this. Great sound and environment. 

Only problem is spending a bit too long wandering with no idea what to do. Overall though it was great for a 24 hour game!

This was a blast. I had to play through a second time cause I blinked the first time. Also full disclaimer, I fear-burp involuntarily...

Keep up the good work!


Tried out your game...


Overall for a game made in 24 hours this was a good work.  It has good sound quality and visuals.  I do think finding out what you are supposed to do is too difficult, it doesn't push you in the right direction as much as I would like.  I found myself wandering for far too long trying to move forward.  

This is the third game in the video


OMG !!!! i miss da end with the flying guy xD but here is my Gameplay Video

it's really well made! keep it up!


This was so well done! Part of it was english and part wasn't but it did not matter because scary is scary and this was scary! Can't wait to see what you come up with next! This game is the first in the video! 


Gave it a go now that It got the English translation!


Brilliant little horror game! Very atmospheric and has a good ending! Hopefully it turns into a full game one day!

If you wanna see gameplay footage before downloading, you can here:

its 32 bits?

It's 64 bit 

si ya me di cuenta :"v


Wow, nice scare.


As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!


something went wrong in this video, but i hope you like it  (':


Mxed this game with another.. Hope you dont mind, Really brilliant visuals.. I'd love to see this developed further, 😂 I can only imagine the context.. 

Hello! Thanks for reviewing our game! We really appreciate it! =D


amazing almost shit my pants very good scary




This was really fun and terrifying game! I didn't know what to expect but this turn out really enjoyable! Very atmospheric and I got scared lol.
Well done!


thanks mate!


Late but Great....Here is the Full Gameplay of your Awesome Game :))

thank you!! nice gameplay :))



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awesome video! thanks for testing it :) don't forget to rate our game here on itch ;)


The game is so great the atmosphere and mechanics are amazing the graphics are great too i actually haven't played games like this for a long time so well done rated 5/5 :D you can watch  acting like a baby on my gameplay xD i hope you enjoy 

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thanks a lot for your feedback! we really appreciate it, and great video!


I'm glad you liked it :D


Good P.T. fan game. only bad thing is language, cause i couldnt understand anything. but its still good game. 

btw here is my video

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Hey there! Your wish is an order! We are releasing an update with support for English now ;)
Hope you enjoy it! Thanks a lof for the support!
don't forget to rate it here on itch ;)

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heh you need to look around for things that could open that door ;) can't say much more